FENO by Faynot (France)Feno Mark

Feno Markers are an original concept, developed by the Faynot company in France, which are now used in over 30 countires. When Faynot entered the topographic market in 1970, they did so with an entirely new concept: The Polyroc FENO marker, fitted with a head separate from its anchoring system.

The FENO marker offers advantages of other existing markers, but without their disadvantages:
- a head made of very strong resin, as solid as granite
- a metal anchorage, which can be extended making it impossible to uproot the marker and making its setting up both easy and accurate.

Setting up a FENO Marker - watch the animation


Code: Feno600                        600mm FENO Spike complete with anchorage, polyroc head, plastic insert, survey nail and locking sleeve

  The components of the FENO marker
 Survey nail FENO survey nail  60mm domed survey nail is inserted into the plastic cap after installation. It has a centering mark in the domed 16mm top
 Plastic insert FENO plastic cap  50mm diameter plastic cap is inserted into the polyroc head after installation and provides a centering point to insert the survey nail into.
 Polyroc head FENO polyroc head  The purpose of the head is to offer very high shock resistance and resistance to ageing in order to guarantee the long life of the marker
 Patented locking sleeve  The sleeve clips onto the shaft of the spike, locking the head onto it. This prevents rotational and lateral movements of one element against the other.
 The anchorage FENO anchorage

 The system invented by FENO has the following essential qualities.FENO diagram
 * HIgh resistance to corrosion: a hot-galvanised anchorage which retains its mechanical properties for 30 years
 * High resistance to uprooting thanks to three steel prongs which can be deployed in the ground
 * Rapid utilisation - the setting up is achieved in a few minutes whatever the type of ground

 A = 29mm
 B = 17mm
 C = 610mm
 D = 152mm


















Code: FenoToolSet600            Driver & Extension Sleeve for 600mm FENO SpikeFENO 600 Tool Set

The installation of FENO markers requires the use of three accessories; the driving tool (reusable), extension sleeve (reusable) and a hammer.
1. Position the marker, and clip on the locking sleeve. Drive in the anchorage using the driving tool and a hammer.
2. Stop driving when the handle of the tool is 1cm from the marker head (with the locking sleeve in position in the marker head)
3. Replace the driving tool with the extension sleeve
4. Hit the extension sleeve with the hammer. This operation has the following effect;
a) it drives the anchorage fully home
b) it applies high pressure, ensuring a perfect seating for the marker in the ground
c) if causes the extension of the three high-strength prongs which will firmly anchor and lock the marker
5. Stop driving when the sleeve handle is a few centimetres from the marker head
6. Withdraw the extension sleeve (reusable)

FENO step 1

FENO step 2

FENO step 3

FENO step 4

FENO step 5

FENO step 6







Feno's are an approved permanent mark as detailed in the
Surveyor General's Directions (NSW-December 2004)
Direction No 1
Approved Permanent Marks (PDF 477 kb)

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